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Onsite septic system failures
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Number of onsite septic systems with unresolved failures

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In Puget Sound, fecal pollution impacts water quality, harvest ability and food safety of shellfish, and presence of viruses in swimming areas. Local health jurisdictions across the Puget Sound region work to educate and provide technical assistance to homeowners with onsite septic systems to prevent pollution concerns before they arise. 

This Progress Indicator tracks the number of onsite septic systems (OSS) with an identified and currently unresolved failure. Failures range in severity and potential for environmental and public health harm. Most failures do not result in surfacing sewage or sewage entering Puget Sound. However, any failure has the potential to worsen and/or significantly impair environmental and public health. Failures are typically identified by local health jurisdictions through a) pollution identification and control programs' activities (e.g., local water quality testing), b) observance of surfacing sewage, or c) homeowner or neighbor complaints. Failures are repaired by qualified professionals. 

This Progress Indicator is in development. 

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This Progress Indicator is currently under development. 

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County Local Health Jurisdictions

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Local Health Jurisdiction routine biannual reporting to Washington Department of Health. 

Critical Definitions

Failure: A condition of an on-site sewage system or component that threatenes the public health by inadequately treating sewage or by creating a potential for direct or indirect contact between sewage and the public (WAC 246-272A-0010). 

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