Ongoing Programs

The Partnership maintains an inventory of state and federal ongoing programs in the Ongoing Programs Portal that was most recently updated in 2022, as part of the 2022-2026 Action Agenda update. Ongoing programs are continuing efforts that provide regulatory oversight, technical support, implementation resources, financial resources, or other guidance. State, federal, local, tribal, and nongovernmental ongoing programs are the critical foundation for Puget Sound recovery. They form the base of activities upon which Puget Sound recovery priorities and actions are built and dependent and continued investment in them is a priority of the Partnership. We rely on our ongoing program partners to actively align their work with the Action Agenda strategies and actions and tell us what they need to advance those strategies and actions.

Though the state and federal inventory should not be considered comprehensive, we are committed to continuing to improve it, ensuring it is reviewed and updated at least every four years when the Action Agenda is revised. While we recognize the importance of local, Tribal, and nongovernmental ongoing programs, we do not currently maintain an inventory of those programs due to the feasibility constraints involved in inventorying such a large number of activities.