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Acres of farmland converted to another use

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Protecting working farmlands and assessing farmland conversion in the Puget Sound region is a key strategy for the recovery of the Puget Sound ecosystem. Well-managed farmlands can provide wildlife habitat, reduce air pollution, and mitigate the spread of urban heat islands while providing quality, locally sourced foods. The comprehensive plan for Puget Sound ecosystem recovery (Action Agenda) has a strategy to support the long-term viability of working farmlands. 

This Progress Indicator tracks the total acres of farmland that fall out of active use for farming, whether they are actively developed to another use (such as residential or warehouse development) or whether acres remain undeveloped (and could potentially be farmable again in the future). Farmland that is fallow as part of regular crop rotation or for a short time is not included in total converted acres. 

The data collected for this Progress Indicator illustrate progress in preventing conversion of farmland across Puget Sound. These data can also be subset by different pressure factors (including zoning, farm size, and current use after conversion) to better track the drivers of farmland conversion and evaluate the impact of planning on farmland conversion. However, this Progress Indicator can not be used to understand impact of restoration on farmland conversion, impact of regulatory barriers and market forces on farmland conversion, nor the economic viability of agriculture enterprises. 

This Progress Indicator is in development. 

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This Progress Indicator is currently under development. 

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Washington Department of Agriculture. 

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Washington Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Land Use Dataset

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