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Riparian habitat restoration
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2/27/2024 12:11:49 PM
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Acres of riparian areas improved through restoration activities

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Riparian habitat restoration

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Accelerating restoration and acquisition efforts in riparian areas is a key strategy for Puget Sound recovery. Intact riparian corridors are critical for keeping fresh and marine waters clean and cool, controlling erosion, moderating variability in water volume and timing of flow, and offering key habitat for numerous terrestrial, freshwater, and interface species, such as salmon. 

This Progress Indicator tracks the cumulative acreage protected and restored by funded, in-progress, and completed Lead Entity restoration projects across Puget Sound. Lead entities are local, citizen-based, organizations that coordinate salmon recovery efforts in their local watersheds. Lead entities work with local and state agencies, tribes, citizens, and other community groups to ensure that salmon recovery actions, including habitat restoration efforts, are implemented. 

The data collected for this Progress Indicator illustrate progress in accelerating funding and implementation of riparian restoration projects. 

This Progress Indicator is in development. 

Key Progress Indicator Results

This Progress Indicator is in development. 

Monitoring Program

Puget Sound Lead Entities 

Data Source

Project lists as reported in Salmon Recovery Portal that include metrics with estimated acreages for a range of restoration activities across projects. These acreages are summed to quantify total acres improved in riparian areas through restoration. 

Critical Definitions

Riparian: freshwater areas above the ordinary high-water mark of the stream and within the floodplain of the stream/waterbody (PCSRF Data Dictionary 2013). 

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