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Financial damages from oil spills
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9/22/2023 12:59:04 PM
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Total estimated cost ($) of oil spill damages via Natural Resource Damage Assessments

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Financial damages from oil spills

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Although Puget Sound has experienced relatively few major oil spills over the past several decades, a major oil spill is inherently a low-probability, high-impact risk to Puget Sound's valuable natural, cultural, and economic resources. Preventing spills from happening in the first place is by far the most cost-effective and ecologically-sound approach. 

This Progress Indicator tracks the cumulative financial impact of oil spilled into Puget Sound waters, as estimated through Natural Resource Damage Assessments (NRDA). NRDA do not cover all financial impacts of oil spilled (e.g., impacts to small businesses, roadways, etc. are not included in the estimation); however, NRDA give us a useful ruler to understand regional progress in decreasing damages from oil spills through prevention and mitigation of spills. 

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Monitoring Program

Department of Ecology Spills Preparedness, Prevention, and Response Program

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Department of Ecology Spills Preparedness, Prevention, and Response Program data

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Natural Resource Damage Assessments (NRDA): tool Dept. of Ecology and other natural resource trustees use to restore, recover, or protect natural resources and habitats affected by contamination. 

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