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Occupancy/residency of orcas in Puget Sound
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6/29/2023 10:38:38 AM
This indicator measures the number of days orcas are in Puget Sound and the balance of occupancy between Southern Resident killer whales and transient orcas.
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Occupancy/residency of orcas in Puget Sound

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This is a new indicator and we are working with our partners to compile and report data.

As a first step, the Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program (PSEMP) Marine Mammals Workgroup Coordinators and Puget Sound Partnership hosted two virtual workshops to collaboratively explore the indicator purpose, use, and data streams. The Indicator Scoping Report describes the outcomes of the indicator scoping process and provides recommendations for next steps:

Scoping Report for Orca Occupancy Indicator, prepared by True Wind Collaborative and Cascadia Consulting Group (PSEMP Marine Mammals Work Group Coordinators), June 2023

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